Change is the only constant!!

Changes .. quite a few of them have sneaked in silently. Or so it seems. They are now a part of life.. making me feel as if it has always been like this!!

From having to be at her side and make her do every single thing in the mornings to her doing everything; going to the loo with the door closed, brushing her teeth, having a bath on her own… From having no teeth to a full set of milk teeth and then some of them falling off.. and being replaced with new permanent ones…

Things have happened gradually as it should be.. without me getting anxious about milestones and such.. In fact, I’ve been so indifferent that I have not even marked the milestone when one occured 😦

Anyway, I’ve digressed .. right at the beginning itself πŸ˜›

The changes that I started to write about are completely different though. Ones that I had not anticipated or planned for in anyway…

Beginning of January saw us bewildered and a tad disappointed with Ammu’s results in the worksheets that were held prior to the Dec holidays. Very poor marks in most subjects. Silly mistakes.. of course silly in our eyes, not hers. It was not the marks per se.. but the realization of the inattention. Hers, and ours, more so. We decided that it was time to pay attention.

Earlier… back from school, the two would eat something and then take a nap. After waking up they would have their milk and watch TV in the meanwhile. Then hurry up with homework, if any, and rush to play. Which was topmost on their minds.. always! And, Adi having very little or no homework did not help at all. So, their main focus was TV and play!

A complete overhaul of their schedules was what seemed to be the solution.

Now.. they come home, have their fill and go to play outside. The nap has been done away with.

They come back, have some milk and then sit with the school work. Initially, BIL took both of them to their house and helped them with the studies.. especially Ammu’s, as I usually reach home a bit later. After a week or so, when the habit had set in, they continued at our home. The routine stuck.. and the best thing is that she’s getting more interested in her lessons too πŸ™‚ Which was the primary concern for us.

This time, she has scored good marks. Enabling her to understand Β ’cause and effect’ in a very practical way!!

The most fantastic fallout of all these is that TV viewing time is almost nil on weekdays. Maybe just a couple of hours on weekends. I had read on a couple of blogs about restricted TV viewing time for kids and how that is so very beneficial. Not even in my dreams would I think this possible in our home.. what with the kids being so obsessive about their favourite cartoon characters! Oh! how we cringed hearing some of the dialogues..

In fact, it took me a couple of weeks to notice that indeed TV time has reduced drastically and was elated to know that they dont ask for TV much, now that they go down for play in the evenings!!

And, no more fights for the remote!!! Β Between thata and the grandkids.. that is πŸ˜‰ Β I have stopped watching too, the only kannada serial that I used to watch ended sometime in January. Dad too is watching TV for lesser time than before and prefers to play songs on one of the radio channels while we have our dinner. Some transformation this!!

Come to think of it, the changes, though drastic and sudden, seem to have happened in a subtle manner .. making me feel that things were never otherwise. Or maybe it feels that way as I’m away most of the time. Any which way, good changes have happened and I only hope and pray that they last πŸ™‚

Aah.. and, last but not the least, they are enjoying the dance classes and that has helped in a way too.. to wean them away from TV. Now, we can spot them, especially Adi, spontaneously start tapping the legs accompanied by tai tai πŸ˜€ Β Makes for quite a funny and adorable scene…

On that highly satisfied and content note, I stop!!

Wish you all a very happy n fun weekend! Have a blast!!

P.S: Thanks Swaru for egging me on!! Managed to do this while waiting for a build πŸ˜‰

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