Of happy happy days!

* Loads of laughter… non stop conversations, jokes, pulling each others legs…

* Games, games, games! Hours spent playing carom, chess, chor- police, chinese checkers, pallankuzhi /aligulimane

* Evenings spent swinging higher n higher! Followed by the evergreen ‘Hide and seek’ 🙂

* Some drawing, colouring, crafting…

* A lil teeny weeny bit dedicated to keeping in touch with basic lessons 🙂

The month of May just whizzed by…

D’s daughters were here for almost a month and the kids had a whale of a time! Most remarkable was the laughter 🙂 They would laugh at anything n everything that the kids did.. especially Adi’s antics and one liners amused them no end. And, he being he, gleefully played to the gallery…

Ammu has taken to reading with a vengeance 😛 She makes it a point to go to bed with a book and will sleep only after she has read a few pages at least. Tinkle is her new favorite! So much so, that whenever we go to Sis2’s house, she’s more excited by the fact that she’ll get more Tinkle books. Yes.. sis2 buys and stocks Tinkle books even now!!

This time, the books have been wrapped and labelled well in advance. For the first time. Thanks to BIL1, who took it up in earnest a couple of weekends ago. Uniforms, shoes/socks, bags, lunch boxes… check check check. All set for school 🙂


Lil purses their Chinnu akka made for them 🙂

12 thoughts on “Of happy happy days!

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  1. Vacation times are such fun! And now, they must be eagerly waiting for the *big* class too 🙂
    Best wishes and hugs to the darlings 🙂


    1. Aww.. thanks Swaru 🙂
      Ammu is excited that she’ll start using pen and not pencil for her regular writing!
      And Adi is happy he’s done with KG classes .. bigg boy now 🙂


    1. Yeah.. fun it was 🙂
      Ammu was excited to see the purse being made.. she was inspired enough to start learning crocheting! And, even realized how tough it is to keep at it 🙂


    1. Hehe.. yes! Hope you had a fun vacation too OM 🙂

      Btw.. I had to retrieve your comment from spam! No idea why it landed there.. but am glad i noticed 🙂


  2. That is a perfect post summing up what sounds like a perfect summer vacation. Loads of love to the kiddos and strength to you to get through another school year 😀


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