Adi’s teacher : ‘Suppose you have 5 chocolates and you give 2 chocolates to your friend. How many will you have? 3. This is subtraction.’

Wondering if he understood, by the look on his face, she tries to confirm ‘ Did you understand properly?’

Adi: ‘Yes. From now on I will be very careful with my chocolates!!’ 😛

A while later.. ‘I like addition. I will get more chocolates na’ 😀

As told by his teacher to BIL1..


Last evening during dinner, Sis 1 was telling about her colleague and friend.. that she was very stressed and upset.. had locked herself in her room, when sis was leaving for home.

I was worried and told her that she should not have left her alone, to which sis said that she confirmed that her friend had reached home safely. We relaxed and moved on to other things..

Adi *discreetly to his mom*: ‘You know Cinderella’s story ma?’

Sis wondering what it is about..

Adi: ‘Her Ma and sisters left her and went away! Why did you leave A ma’am [sis1’s friend] and come if she was not well? You should have dropped her home and then come.’   🙂

We didnt hear this conversation.. sis1 told me while leaving for home..