Tiny Tidbits #LockdownNotes

Adi: Bomma, I think I don't like online classes *Me throwing a concerned but questioning look at him* Adi *instantly*: Means... I dont like it because I don't get to chit chat with my friends between classes đŸ˜¦ ... there's no fun anymore!! *Me sighing in resignation* ********** Ammu: Ma, till when is this thing... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits

Our conversation from last evening.. I'm back home and Adi is generally running around at full speed, not heeding to my words to slow down. He does this and that... just going around as if he did not hear me at all.. and I feel harried, which feels even worse coz I'm tired too.. Finally,... Continue Reading →


Ammu will be performing for the first time... in a group dance. It is going to be the welcome performance on the Annual day..thats what i figured from the song that she sings :). I'm excited! The first day they started practicing...she  was excited about it. She started to show me the first steps and then... Continue Reading →

I feel at peace when…

I see Ammu/Adi sleeping peacefully Adi comes looking for Ammu as soon as he wakes up.. đŸ™‚ Daddy kisses me bye while i'm leaving home Ammu n Adi start their 'my mamma...my bomma...' competition...grabbing me n hugging me My sisters call me up n share their joys n worries...however small or big.. Adi comes to... Continue Reading →

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