Tiny Tidbits #LockdownNotes

Adi: Bomma, I think I don't like online classes *Me throwing a concerned but questioning look at him* Adi *instantly*: Means... I dont like it because I don't get to chit chat with my friends between classes 😦 ... there's no fun anymore!! *Me sighing in resignation* ********** Ammu: Ma, till when is this thing... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits

Ammu has her study holidays going on and is generally around in the morning when I'm getting ready to go to work. Here's a conversation from a couple of days ago, when I was draping the saree and looking for a pin - Me: my mom never wore pins.. she used to wear similar cotton... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits

As always, Adi has interesting ways to absolve himself.. A couple of days ago, he'd not eaten the bread-nutella that was packed for breakfast. When D discovered it, she asked Ammu why he hadnt eaten. Apparently Ammu hadn't noticed that. The next day when she asked him the reason, pat comes his reply 'the nutella... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits!

After a long time... another edition of tidbits!! Adi *en route to Shimoga*: Look so many mangoes on the trees. Wish we could get them!! We should go to the shop and buy one bow and arrow. BIL1: Why do you need to do that much? You can just go and buy mangoes! Adi : But... Continue Reading →

T is for two!

The awesome twosome of our home that is 🙂 While competition, one up-man-ship, sibling rivalry are more dominant in this current phase, there are priceless moments when the love and care sparkles and melts us down! What joy!! 🙂 This one is for ABC Wednesdays!

Tiny Tidbits

Ammu dislikes Winter season to the core.. She hates having to give up the cozy warmth of the bed and the quilts and get up to go to school. Its quite a struggle for me to wake her up these days! I need to summon all my strength and resolve to keep my calm! What... Continue Reading →

Lil wishes..

Ammu to me.. Earlier: 'Bye mamma.. try to come early..' Today: 'Bye mamma.. try to come early.. and try not to have a call today'. Emphasizes the last bit 😐 Sigh!!

Tiny Tidbits!

We are watching an ad that features Kareena Kapoor. I ask sis whether Kareena has converted and taken up her husband's religion. Sis replies that she has not converted but has changed her name to Kareena Kapoor Khan. I nod. Ammu, who's been listening to this conversation, asks innocently 'So, has he also changed his... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits!

Me *responding to something that Adi said* : 'From where do you get such ideas Adi?' Adi : 'Bomma! You know, I have a idea shop inside my head. From there I can get ideas' We were super impressed with his instant witty reply! 😎 Next day, on the way to dance class.. I narrated... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits!

From the drafts.. Conversation between Adi and his dad, while getting him ready for school yesterday... as narrated by sis1... BIL1: 'Adi, how do your shirts /uniform get so dirty? It's so difficult to wash and make it bright, clean again... you need to take care..' Adi: 'Okay baba. But please dont tell me today..'... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits

Our conversation from last evening.. I'm back home and Adi is generally running around at full speed, not heeding to my words to slow down. He does this and that... just going around as if he did not hear me at all.. and I feel harried, which feels even worse coz I'm tired too.. Finally,... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits

The last time when dad went to Mysore, Adi was very happy. He went around telling everyone that he is so happy that thata is not here. When asked why, he replied 'Thata always tells me to sit straight.. he scolds me...I dont like him' All of us, including dad, found it funny... and we... Continue Reading →

Tiny tidbits..

Convo between the two.. Adi telling his didi who his teachers are for the various subjects.. Didi gushing over one and then commenting over another.. 'Oh! She is very nice' 'Really? She is your teacher? She is so strict. *towards me* She's very very strict ma !!' They are really petrified by teachers who are... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits :)

Last night after they finished dinner we tell them to sit quietly and not jump around... After my dinner is done, I go into the room to find them lying next to each other. And, Ammu is reading from a story book!! A dream-come-true moment for a mom who loves to read 😀 ********* This... Continue Reading →

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