R is for Rain!!

And, R is for Red  🙂 We, Bangaloreans, are waiting for the rains!! Temperatures are soaring and people are discussing how it is getting hotter each year. Well, it does seem hotter but I'm not sure if it really is. Of course, with more and more trees going under the axe and an increase in... Continue Reading →

I love rain!

Ammu drew this last evening, after revising the lesson Seasons for her Geography worksheet. She was maha excited to show this to me when I came back 🙂 She says 'Rain is my favorite season ma.. look I'm throwing away my umbrella to play in the rain' 🙂 We had a nice respite from the... Continue Reading →


Incessant pitter patter, memories... Of raincoat-gumboots clad school kids Sweet nostalgia... It has rained throughout the night and has continued for most part of the morning. This happens rarely, at least from the time I've been here, so for me its definitely not a characteristic of Bangalore. The continuous rains brought back fond memories of... Continue Reading →

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