My Natkhat Nandlal :)

Who else... the ever active, restless, never tiring Adi 😀 Upto something every single moment!! On our way to Mysore... Barely into the trip, out of our area ... onto Hosur road Adi: 'Where is Mysore?' Ammu would at least wait until we crossed Bannerghata road 😀 He was least interested in going by the car.... Continue Reading →


On Sunday morning, I got a call, from a number that I didnt recognize. On picking it, 'Who is speaking?' came the female voice from the other end. I was guessing that it could be my sister calling from a landline in Kolkata. And thought that she was just making fun. After 2-3 times, the... Continue Reading →

A Wish..

Somewhere up in the hills... An abode such as this... I wish 'twere mine... I'd be on cloud nine  🙂 P.S: Picture taken in Kodaikanal.

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