Jolada Rotti #Mother’s Day

Aka Jowar Roti. A flat bread made of jowar flour. One of the staple foods of the North Karnataka region. One that always reminds me of our Belgaum days... of my mother. She had perfected the art of making Jolada rotti. Not an easy feat this. Not even for the natives of the region. Madurai,... Continue Reading →

Defying the odds! #Karmveer

Remember how the reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) stormed into our drawing rooms and captivated our evenings?!! I'm sure 90's kids will understand and relate to what I'm talking about 😀 The family as a whole is a huge fan of Big B. We love his work and his style! 😀 And, there was... Continue Reading →

Courage! #BookBytes

I'd almost started writing about 'The Little Princess", one of my favourite books , but then wondered if I have not already done so. I looked around in my archives and found that I've indeed written a big long post on it, including the quotes, almost a decade ago! I started thinking of the books... Continue Reading →

Today! #BookBytes

Another Tuesday is here... and its time for #BookBytes 🙂 During childhood or even through college days, I had not read or known about the adorable pooh named Winnie. But with lil kids around, Winnie the pooh is never far away...right? I remember Ammu reading the book and one evening at the dinner table she'd... Continue Reading →


Few days ago, Adi was playing by switching the study light on and off. He did not heed my words to not do that... so I threatened to put him in the balcony. Almost dragged him there.. Immediately he said sorry and that he wont do it again. I let him go. He went crying...... Continue Reading →


Thank God for my reading habit 🙂 Yesterday was another day! I was happy yet confused... it was one of those heart vs mind days!! This morning I was still in that mode ... but somewhat arriving at a conclusion. And when I got into the bus...I took out my book n started reading. And my... Continue Reading →

Simply simple :)

Couple of weeks ago, my granma and aunty came to visit us. They were conversing in Tamil. Our house help tried to converse with them in the sign language and was successful in communicating with them, whenever it was needed. She once mentioned that she can understand Tamil but doesnt speak the language. She explained... Continue Reading →

Gimme your thoughts!

'It is easy to count the number of seeds in an apple. But only God knows how many apples are there in each seed' ❗ Isn't this so thought provoking? Do share the thought(s) that come to your mind on reading this line. My post on this will follow.

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