Defying the odds! #Karmveer

Remember how the reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) stormed into our drawing rooms and captivated our evenings?!! I’m sure 90’s kids will understand and relate to what I’m talking about 😀

The family as a whole is a huge fan of Big B. We love his work and his style! 😀 And, there was no way we would miss watching KBC. To add to it, dad is huge on quiz shows. So, that was double bonanza right there!!

I do not recall if we’ve watched all the seasons of the show, but definitely did not watch the season hosted by SRK! I do not think SRK himself was the reason though 😛 Or maybe dad watched and we got caught up with life…

Anyway, let me not digress. We’ve been watching KBC religiously, since the past few years atleast. Of late, since last year I’m guessing, a new feature known as Karmveer has been introduced and we’ve loved it. The feature went on air every Friday (when the season was live) and showcased the selfless people who have strived to give back to the society in their own unique ways! Some known names/faces and many unknown ones have been introduced to us so far!

Since, as a family we’ve this thing about doing our bit as and when we can, Karmveer had sounded/looked very interesting. Fortunately, it did turn out to be hugely inspiring!

It was amazing to get to know the stories of the people, who have made a marked difference to the painful lives of many. It was a real eye opener, in the sense that, what has been achieved was not dependent on what they started with! Many of the Karmveers had infact started with disadvantages but made good on those with the sheer power of their will, goodness of nature and tenacity to stay put!

Honestly speaking, I do not remember the names of all the people that were showcased, but I do remember the stories!! I do remember that they took whatever they had and eventually made something really big out of it, the huge impact unimaginable to them too! They are all simple people and the spheres of their action were so varied. It does go on to show that people can make a difference wherever they are and in whatever way they can. Only thing required is the intent and the will to do something.

Another amazing thing that came across was how all the effort over the years has only made them much livelier and so full of enthusiasm! They are raring to go even though they are past their prime, so to say. I think, the qualities of gratitude combined with humility, takes away the years and makes one stay youthful always 🙂

P.S: I wish I had noted some quotes or key takeaways from people who were showcased but for now I’m glad that I chose to do NaBloPoMo this month and wrote this down here, before it faded away from my memory.


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