Few days ago, Adi was playing by switching the study light on and off. He did not heed my words to not do that… so I threatened to put him in the balcony. Almost dragged him there..

Immediately he said sorry and that he wont do it again. I let him go. He went crying… saying that he’ll tell his baba to not talk to bomma (me). Dad who didnt see what had happened, just asked him ‘Is your bomma good? Do you like her?’ Adi thought for a sec and said ‘yes’ . So dad replied ‘Then, your baba will ask you what you did to upset bomma? He’ll not say anything to her.’

Later when his baba n mamma came, he didnt utter a word about the incident and I was curious. Then dad told me what had transpired between them. I was very amazed by the clarity of his thoughts. Even when he felt bad about the incident (me dragging him to the balcony) he was clear that I am good and that he liked me!! Also, he understood dad’s reasoning and refrained from complaining!!

* Much of the suffering/pain is when we are not clear in our minds. We mix up facts and our feelings and end up hurting ourselves and most of the times, others also.

Also, Adi is very quick to let go of hurt feelings. One moment he sobs bitterly, hurt and almost inconsolable. And just a few moments later, he comes around. His usual self… all cheerful and friendly. Especially, with his didi. Is it just him or are all kids like that? I wonder. Even Ammu never gives up so easily. She needs to be consoled, cajoled. Even that doesnt seem to work at times … Or is it a guy thing? Not generalizing or stereotyping… its just that I have very little or no experience with lil boys!!

* How very nice it would be if we could let go of hurt or perceived hurt so easily. And rejoice at every lil joy and victory with a yayyyy!! or a dinka chika dinka chika like he does πŸ™‚

Needless to say, he gives us much joy!! with every passing day. He’s my sweet rosogulla and I hope he stays this way!!!


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  1. Absolutely loved the way you related life lessons with all that Adi does πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    I am so very like Adi since childhood, I can let go of hurt feelings in a jiffy πŸ™‚
    {{{hugs}}} to Adi annd Ammu


  2. Aww..thats so so cute post. Aryan would have said ..”mumma is bad” if u wud have asked him when he was angry.

    Aryan does get angry easily and needs to be consoled. However he gets consoled easily too. Just a tickle or a tight hug consoles him.

    With siblings I think its always like that , I remember my younger brother used to tease me all the time and I used to get so wild that I used to think I will never ever talk to him and then within 5 mins I would find myself talking to him normally and vice versa , and only after an hour we would remember ..”but main toh tum se gussa thi”


    1. Actually even Adi says that when he is angry with someone. Thats the instant response as you can see here.
      But what amazed me is he could think clearly in spite of that !!
      Yes..a tickle or hug works wonderfully πŸ™‚ And siblings… they cant be cross with each other for more than a couple of minutes πŸ™‚ Its the sweetest!!


  3. He is a darling coz people like u r arround him may god bless him with cmpanionship of good people like and his mother throughout his life. Needless to say he is getting many thing from his elder sister.. hope he learns to be calm and patient like his sister


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