Nostalgic!! A trip down memory lane…

  • As small children, me and sis1 would fight over who would sleep with you. It felt wonderfully soft and cozy and cuddly.. we just loved to sleep with you.
  • You would walk with me to school and back.. I do not remember this vividly but I know it to be an important part of my life. One anecdote I’ve often heard from you is that one day while on our way back from school we were chased by a buffalo. How you panicked, how you managed to get us into the compound of a nearby house, how you were grateful to the watchman who opened the gate just in time and let us in!!
  • The stories you narrated while you fed us our dinner… always about being and doing good, about goodness always winning!
  • You made the yummiest food.. even simple things tasted heavenly when you made it. Something magical in your hands!!
  • You were always the most excited when we were to visit Madurai. You were enthusiastic about getting the best veggies, the best meat, and made sure we got our share of the tasty vadais and paniyarams while we were there.
  • No matter what, you made sure that you made the murrukus and adirasams to take along with us when we went back home.
  • You went through a lot of pain in life.. and talked wistfully about what was and what could have been. Never once heard you talking bitterly or wishing anything bad for others.
  • You believed in dignity of labour. We imbibed the lesson by seeing you work and do various odd jobs to sustain yourself and others who depended on you. Even the simplest task was to be done with care and in the right way!
  • The joy when you came back from the market all tired and exhausted!! You were always excited to show us what you bought 🙂 Everything would be segregated properly and put away! You never came back without getting something for us grankids to munch 🙂
  • You were meticulous in whatever you did. It reflected in even simple tasks like cutting vegetables!
  • You derived great satisfaction in the daily ritual of preparing for puja, adorning the God’s pictures and lighting the velakku/diya. We still recollect the ambiance it created when you did everything, especially on festive days!
  • You always wished to be independent and lived all your life that way… till the very end!
  • In the place of our mom, you played the role of granma to our kids and for them grandmom means you, since they’ve never known mom. How wistfully Ammu cried while looking at your sarees, wondering why you did not come back to us a few years ago or the way she held on to some of your sarees a few days ago, while I was sorting the ones to be given away.. is something that will forever stay locked n frozen in my mind. Somehow, it made me glad that she still remembers you and thinks so fondly of you!

In hindsight it is clear that many of the values that we hold dear are all imbibed from you, directly or indirectly!! Including the tendency to be fiercely independent and also obstinate in certain matters!! Its almost as if you are a part of us granma.. and though you are no longer with us, you are within us.

Linking this to ABC Wednesday.

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