Ditties… n some memories…

Childhood rhymes and ditties are making the rounds as part of the Tulika blogathon 4! And I am reminded of these…

Bidi daari bidi bidi daari

Ghum antha barthaide corporation laari!

My sis 2 used to sing this.. no idea where she learnt this from!!

kappegalira kereyolage….

kruk kruk kruk kruk bharrram!!

Our PT madam taught us this one. We used to sit in rows in the big assembly hall and it used to go like this.. One row would start first and when they finish the first line, the next row had to start singing and so on… there used to be about 6 rows. And the finish would be awesome… with a cascading effect of kruk kruk kruk kruk bharrram!!

Another one sung in the same way… except that the next row would start singing after the first row completed 2 lines. The cascading effect was just amazing… to say the least. And of course… Ammu n Adi just love these πŸ™‚

I met a negro passing by walking on a shady way

And as i came up by his side, this is what he said

Chakaraka gumba chukaka gumba chuk chuk said the negro

Chuk chuk cholam chukaka cholam chuk chuk cholam ho!

And that takes me down memory lane… to my lovely school… and my friends… and the small little tales that stay on in your mind, no matter how old you grow!

In our free time or whenever asked to sing… there were these set of girls who would sing enthusiastically. But sing, they would… their only most loved patented song… if you can say that πŸ˜‰

M was an all rounder and whenever asked to sing… would go ‘sar jo tera chakraye ya dil dooba jaaye…’

‘Jeena yahaan marna yahaan iske siva jaana kahaan..’ was P’s favorite. She was also into mimicry and she introduced us to Paro-Devdas!

Y was an artist and a singer! She had mastered the ‘Hawa Hawai’ songΒ from Mr India… complete with all the nuances πŸ™‚ we loved to make her sing this one whenever we got a chance! And she would happily oblige us πŸ™‚

Then there was D, her patented gaana was the lovely romanticΒ ‘Nile nile ambar par chaand jab chaaye…’

And S had this lovely voice and she would sing ‘lakadi ki kaati…’ in all innocence. I loved this song and learnt it while she sang. And it was an instant hit with Ammu n Adi when we sang it to them! Sis had even changed her caller tune for them πŸ™‚ and they used to keep calling just to listen to this song!!

She sang ‘Chalte chalte mere ye geet yaad rakhna…Kabhi alvida na kehna…’ on our Passing out parade day and left us all in tears 😦

Sigh.. those were days of abandon and we used to have a blast! It used to be all girls masti with no worries about boys and their reactions or whatever πŸ˜€


12 thoughts on “Ditties… n some memories…

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  1. hehe…..one of my classmate used to sing that ‘bidi daari’ song for a gal who would always fart in de class……mean na…i know!!! πŸ˜› but since that gal dint know kannada it was ok! thas how i learnt that song!!!!!!


  2. You do realize that words like “negro” are no longer acceptable and is considered insulting?
    While some political correctness that is required nowadays is over the top, the word “negro” is definitely considered insulting and no civilized person who is not a racist should be using it.


  3. This was in the official st. Francis dassisi high school song book back in the day. I learnt it 3rd grade back in 2003. Maybe your sis knew someone from if colony

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