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I’d almost started writing about ‘The Little Princess”, one of my favourite books , but then wondered if I have not already done so. I looked around in my archives and found that I’ve indeed written a big long post on it, including the quotes, almost a decade ago!

I started thinking of the books that had made an impact on me, those that had clearly stayed with me for quite sometime after I’d finished reading them. A few famed books of ‘serious’ nature and some other rather obscure ones came to mind. But I was somehow drawn to an altogether different book that had been one of my favourites. Especially because of its simplicity.

We’d moved to Mysore in 1990 and had to stay at my uncle’s place for a bit until we got our own place finalised and set up. While we were there, I’d laid my hands on this book, which seemed to belong to no one in particular. The title ‘Masquarade At The Wells’ made little sense to me. I had not known the meaning of the word and had looked it up in a dictionary. Then, I read the blurb at the back of the book and got hooked instantly!


Its a tale about 2 children transforming into young adults. The plot is simple, if somewhat unrealistic, but provides ample scope for wonderful imaginings, esp for teens I would suppose 🙂 I was one at that time!

Since the book was not claimed by anyone and didnt seem to be especially loved by anyone there, I ensured that I carry it with me to our new home! It has been with us since then and I have read it quite a few times. Sis 2 had also read and enjoyed it and could relate to some some of the places she visited in London, coz they had been mentioned in this book!

Frankly speaking, I could not recall any noteworthy quotes from the book, but one scene that I remember the most is when Jane, who appears timid, displays a strength of great character. She goes against all reason to save a sheep that has fallen off a cliff and is certain that it will die if left there…

When the ordeal is over and everyone is safe again, the cousin remarks –

“I say, Jane – I’m sorry I said you were a funk just now! I think you’re the bravest girl I’ve ever met – honest injin, I do! You were scared to death of that place – I know you were, yet you climbed down after that silly sheep. Well, if that isnt brave, I dont know what is!”

It kind of defines what courage is, isnt it? I’d read the quote “Courage is not the absence of fear but action inspite of it”. This scene brought that out so clearly for me and has stayed etched in my mind ever since.

P.S: The cover in the picture is not the original one. When it was all but gone, Ammu bound the pages that were falling off and made a new cover using cardsheet and a cut out from some old greeting card. The words have been done using stencil when she’d just learnt how to use one! Its very dear to me and so here it is 🙂

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