Flavour of the season – Tabebuia

I’m here with flowers again πŸ™‚

I do not seem to tire of flowers and thanks to the avenue trees here in Bengaluru, I am treated to various lovely blooms all through the year. Right now, its the season of Tabebuias and Jacaranda. The pink Tabebuia rosea is especially awaited eagerly, year after year!

The loveliness of the soft pink colour and the way the petals/flowers float down to the earth in this windy season, the tree covered with blooms with sparse or no leaves at all… makes this one stand apart I guess πŸ™‚

This Sunday, when we ventured out, we deliberately took this route to check if the flowers were in bloom. And what a sight greeted us! I was thrilled to the core and thanked us for taking the detour !

Here are pics clicked by sis, while I drove slowly savouring the sight and taking it all in.


Linking this to the letter F at ABC Wednesdays – Round 18.





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