Three cheers to Ammu n Adi…for giving the joys of motherhood…for helping me rediscover my strengths and making life sooooooooo colourful and soooooooo full of life..

Thinking of Mother’s day, my mind is filled with mixed feelings n thoughts…memories of my mom and the memories of my own journey to motherhood. My mom’s simple joys, her struggles and own little struggle n my joys of being a mother…all at once. Though my mom is no more, I’m sure that she is with us all the our joys..n our support n helping us be better humans. She’s the bond that holds us sisters together n I hope n wish that we remain like this for all times to come…bonding ever more n supporting each other through thick and thin…

Bless us Mom, so that we can live our lives with courage and conviction…just as you would have wanted us to.