Ms Intellectual! Down memory lane…

Its 2009 – a decade has passed since winning the Ms Intellectual award. My mind is flooded with memories…
Competition Success Review ‘CSR’ is a magazine that I grew up reading…with a vision to be a winner one day…to be an IAS officer.
Though it was my first attempt at writing or even participating in an essay competiton, I was sure of winning the first prize. What I had not anticipated though, was the flood of letters that followed..
It was overwhelming…people from across the country writing to me…to appreciate…to share thoughts and experiences..and some, to find strength in knowing that there are real people who succeed inspite of their limitations.
Then there was the long ‘Rajdhani’ travel to the capital city ;’long’ since i had not travelled that far earlier,…to participate in the grand finale at the Ashoka in New Delhi. This was a great experience for me, coming from a very humble background. It was the first time that I would be participating in such an event…I was very excited …but I did not ‘prepare’ for it…
At the finale, I was one of the contestants who had maximum chance of winning the Ms Super Brain trophy; the quiz master said so. But I didnt win .I got the 4th place. No regrets for that..In fact, no hard regrets for anything ever..I believe in the larger scheme of things… in the BIG picture…
That was my first and last win…till date. I went into a sort of hibernation, riding the roller coaster ride called time, nor inclination towards tapping my potential. But…this very potent ability has held me in good stead, helping me to resurface… to rejuvenate and hope for a better tomorrow.
After 10 long years, I found the courage and calling, to produce a paper…And…after much dilly dallying I’m starting off on my blog…
Never anticipated that this would be my first entry…I had a different plan for that…but nevertheless…
And today is special, we came to know of a book ‘Advances in inequalities for series’ that has my sister’s name, O Karthiyayini, on the cover. She is one of the author/contributor, it probably features one of her research papers.
Feeling great…elated…great way to go sis …hope to see more from you…

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  1. Hi Priya akka,Wishin you more time to write such interesting stuffs & energy to wade away all the usual worries.


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