In Anticipation…

   End of March…and not a single entry. Well..the same excuse..loads of work n assignments to be taken care of, in addition to running back home to my baby…she’s no longer a baby (sigh). Today we got her marks states ‘Promoted to UKG’. The year..her first year at school that had begun with so much anxiety has already finished. And she expects that I take leave and enjoy the vacation with her..fair enough…but I see no chance of that happening. I’m thinking of ways to keep her occupied and happy through this vacation.
   This summer is going be a time for transition…with lotz of changes, in fact a complete overhaul of everything. Its full of expectations as well as anxiety. I’m hoping that everything will turn out well and we’ll be able to cope nicely with the change. In the mean time I’m contmplating starting a new series..’Blessings’. hope that too will come up as planned. Time now to run home.. 
   I’m glad i kept my promise to post at least one entry per month.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear :)

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