Monday musings – D is for didi ! :)

Didi is the Hindi/Bengali/Marathi word for sis. And I guess its the same in many of the other languages spoken in North India.

And, didi is what Adi calls Ammu. I’m not sure if I’ve written about this fact earlier. Its the sweetest thing ever, especially when they’re in a good mood, and when playing /getting along well with each other.

The most amusing one is when Adi says something and turns around to get a confirmation saying ‘Yes na didi ?’ Its cutest, most heartwarming one for us. Makes us send out a prayer pronto! πŸ™‚

Pics of the duo.. in the balcony, busy solving some puzzles on a warm winter afternoon.. and me being a compulsive clicker couldn’t miss it now..could I Β πŸ™‚



Linking this to the letter D at ABC Wednesdays – 18th Round.


And, to #Microblog Mondays. This is first one I’m linking here.



12 thoughts on “Monday musings – D is for didi ! :)

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  1. i have 2 didi’s to…. although not biological, but 2 very dear friends wich are didi’s to me

    have a nice abc-day / – week
    β™« M e l ☺ d y β™« (abc-w-team)


  2. Aw this is cute. My sister is three years younger to me and calls me didi even in the midst of the hugest fight. I find it funny – to be squabbling away with that word of respect firmly in place.


      1. I make sure to read all ur posts….I don’t want to miss anything about Amu and Adi πŸ˜€
        Only thing is that commenting is difficult over the phone for me !!


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