Just when we think that we’ve settled … change happens and we need to move on! This is the only constant thing in life… isnt it? Yet.. we resist change and try hard to retain some of the charm from the ‘good old days’ and get all nostalgic at the slightest opportunity 🙂

Well, personally i’m not resisting change… its just that I’ve been seeing everyone around me in that mode, for sometime now. The project that i was in, is officially finished now and all the team mates have been moved to different teams. Everyone was skeptical about what awaited them and the kind of team they would be in. Few of them were luckier to get into one project and they are together now. However, most of them have not yet got comfortable with their new work environments. And each one misses the camaraderie that was!!

Sharing a few pics form our trip to Kodaikanal in May 2009 🙂

En route to Kodai
Suns rays!
Capturing the beauty!
Overcast sky...@ Kodai lake
The monsoon is here!
the boat ride 🙂
Cycling in the rain!
Indoor fun!!
Fresh and bright... the next morning 🙂
Walking the ramp!
Guys.. silhouetted against the blue sky
Pine forest
Pine Forest - another view!
The hills...
The valley...
The clouds... closing in
The scene... just moments later
Sepia effect... naturally!

On our way back to B’lore, we celebrated a dear team mate’s birthday at midnight, 1st of June. Today, wishing him a great birthday and lots of fun in the year ahead 🙂