Happiness is..

Seeing the beaming faces of the kids when they return from the morning walk! They are tired , exhausted due to the heat and sweat but the excitement shines through!!

For the past few years, at the start of the Summer vacations, I would suggest that they wake up as usual and go for the morning walk with granpa. But they never went as they wanted to just sleep in late and wake up lazily at their own sweet time. This time, however, I urged them to at least give it a try and they agreed πŸ™‚

Day 1 itself they woke up excited and joined thata. He walks up to an open space where he does his exercises. The kids had a good time running around the ground. On their way back, thata bought tender coconut for them. Were they thrilled or what!! And, that got them hooked πŸ™‚

‘Bomma! we walked at least 8 kms today!! ‘ is what Adi announced as soon as he returned from the walk. We walked to the ground…then ran and ran.. so it must be at least 8 km is what he reasons.. πŸ™‚

Reminds me of the times when me and sis1 used to accompany dad on his morning walks. I do not remember for how long we did it, but we used to enjoy it a lot!!

Today is day 4 and they are at it. I guess, the prospect of getting tender coconut, ice cream , chocolates.. is what is most exciting to them!! Last night while going to bed Ammu declared that she wont go for the walk today. But come morning, they both got up and got ready even though they were a little sleepy when thata woke them up. He too had been skeptical about them accompanying him today.

Well, we are all super happy that my efforts ..the little nudges.. have eventually paid off. And, dad.. it has been his lifelong mission to get us to take up morning walk. None of us ever followed this advice us of his, though. Now, that the grand kids are enjoying this with him, he’sΒ is super excited !! πŸ™‚

All in all… an awesome start to the vacations πŸ™‚

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