Reading! or is it Thank God! :)

.. for small mercies! or is it small 😉

I meant to do a post on ‘reading’ as in my/our reading.. choices, patterns etc… but I’ll leave you with this instead 🙂

Last night she plonked onto the bed as if she would doze off in a moment. She’d danced, read and danced [practised her steps] again before dinner, had had no nap in the afternoon.. so I was sure she would doze off by the time I went and joined her. To my surprise, she was still awake.. deeply engrossed in her book!! Tinkle btw 🙂

She replied in the negative when I asked her if I could switch off the light. She assured me she’ll do it once she finishes and said that I could go to sleep !!!!


And thank God! Its a big one for me 🙂  I’m sure mommies/paappas who are readers, book lovers will vouch for it!

Yayyyy 😀

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      1. I keep lurking around but don’t comment since I mostly read on phone 🙂 Feels nice to be bk too; now if only I even get that urge to start writing again 😛


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