Letting go!

Again… from the drafts..

Letting go is damn hard! Perhaps that is the reason why life gives us so many opportunities to learn and adapt to the process of letting go. Each time it is a bitter sweet experience! We want to cling and to let them fly n soar too.. Its a dilemma every parent goes though.. again n again!! Learning to tread the fine line remains the key.

The very first step is perhaps when we wean them off slowly lil by li and move them completely to regular food.
Then, we gradually get them to brush their own teeth, wash their own bums. It was as if a huge burden is taken off. Then they learn to bathe, get ready for school and so on. they want to do stuff by themselves. I cannot remember the dates when the transitions happened. But surely the kids have grown so much and I have let go.. sometimes cheerfully, sometimes wistfully.

This Summer vacation she did not ask me to take leaves. She was happy to play and spend time with Adi, her friends and then with D’s daughters who had come down to spend some time with us. In fact, she insisted that I go to office … no hindrance from mom..complete freedom 🙂

Yesterday the school reopend. She is in the 5thstd now. Just to know her reaction, i said ‘now you are a big girl. You can go downstairs by yourself and wait for the school van’ She took a minute to respond ‘Yes mamma. i’ll go by myself ” total bittersweet moment! There was a huge tug within… but then I felt the echo of ‘Let go’ in my heart!

Of course she wont have to go by herself. Dad is always ready at that time to go for his walk and he wont sop accompanying her. But her statement was a much needed reminder to me 🙂

P.S: As I said, dad or D or I have been accompanying her to the gate… 🙂 Habits die hard!!

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  1. Oh yes it’s hard. The twins had to literally forbid me to come to pick them up since the bus drops them right at the society gate. Yet I’d go down, hang around in the balcony, sometimes watch the bus from the flat. Till finally I stopped. I can so empathise.


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