Of apples and seeds..

‘It is easy to count the number of seeds in an apple. But only God knows how many apples are there in a seed’ This is a powerful thought and we can infer different things from this in different contexts!! For me, the context was a Parent counselling session at Ammu's school 🙂 The session... Continue Reading →

Parenting Skills Revisited! – Part 3

Well, I had intended to do this round up and assessment before the session on Parenting this year. And in a single post! But the first two points, EQ and Consistent Parenting, made one post each 🙂 I'm hoping I'll cover the rest here. Be a role model - children are completely aware of their... Continue Reading →

Parenting skills revisited! Part 2

Here i wrote about EQ. Now,it is 'Consistency' the next big buzzword!! Be consistent in what you say and what you do - changing your stance every other day confuses the child, inconsistency between spouses, between parents and grandparents need to be resolved [though not in his/her presence], so that a finite set of rules... Continue Reading →

Monday musings

Been reading about mommy guilt for a while. I thought that i'm above it... no mommy guilt for me! I have done everything, taken major decisions of my life with her happiness and well being in mind. And if something happens otherwise, its beyond my control! I have done all that I possibly can. So... Continue Reading →

Maska chaska!

In these 6 years of being a mamma, I have realized that maska is a sure shot solution most of the times. It works like magic, where as aggression and flexing of the muscles just lead to an increased resolve to rebel! *Shudder to think of all the times that such situations went awry* My dad's... Continue Reading →

On a high today!

Ammu and Adi went together to school!! The morning was unusual, to say the least. Ammu woke up as soon as thatha woke her up and came to me with a smile... ! She always insists that i carry her from the bed to the bathroom. She did all her chores cheerfully and said... 'mamma..i'm... Continue Reading →

Parenting skills revisited!

Last year, at the beginning of the academic session, I had attended a workshop on Parenting skills that was organised at Ammu's school. Just trying to take stock of things and see how we've been faring 🙂 . I will write down each point and Ammu's respective progress/status as i see it . The first... Continue Reading →

On Parenting Skills..

I attended a workshop on Parenting skills at my daughter’s school recently..here are notes for myself and for anyone who drops by and is interested! I put it down quickly in points..not wanting it to evaporate amidst all the other tasks that need to get done… The Context - parenting in the current scenario of... Continue Reading →

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