As the kids grow up there are different kinds of learnings/ un- learnings, its a different flavour of joy, a different flavour of agony … and so on. On the whole the package remains the same me thinks 🙂

And then there is the transition, ever so subtle that you do not notice but when it does surface, hits you as a surprise or shock even.

The kiddo is so clingy you wonder what to do to make her independent and one fine day she calmly announces that she wants to go sleep alone in her bedroom. And she does! Leaving you wondering what that was all about !!

The one who loved her girly princess-y dresses and stubbornly refused any attempt to make her wear trousers now revels in her jeans trousers and capris and jump suits!! Girly dresses are passe.. sigh!

And, while dealing with the kids , in their pre-teen and teen years seems super exasperating mostly , combined with all the self doubt about the upbringing, I’m still trying to hang on to the thin rope of faith that we’re doing the best we can and that they will turn out fine after all. Hope springs eternal.. aint it?

So.. transition it is.. for them. And, for us.



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  1. Ah the kids are growing up and becoming more unpredictable by the day. That means new challenges for parents. Sigh! But it’s nice isn’t it, to see them grow and change and become their own people?

    Good to have you back after such a long time. Hope to see more of you.


    1. Hey OM! so glad to see you here..
      Yes its great to see the kids grow into their own.. its kind of a tight rope walk to know where /when to hold them and when to let them figure out stuff 🙂
      Hope your twins are doing great too!


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