Ammu *gushing and without preamble*: Mamma, i’ll have to say my name and then say a thought for the day in Hindi. I dont know why US* said my name to the teacher! But it will be easy mamma. Its just Thought for the day. Not news item. I can read. *Leaving the room* Thank you mamma for making me practice reading Hindi!!
Left me speechless and grinning… šŸ˜€

When I had chosen Hindi as the second language for Ammu, I did not know what it entailed. As in, I was not aware that the course content would be nothing like what we had, that so much more would be packed for learning within an year and the teacher would be rushing through it.. simply because she has to complete the syllabus. For me, learning Hindi had been a breeze and I assumed it would be the same for her! Duh? I know!!

In fact, I was blissfully unaware of all this, until almost the end of the first year. I hadnt been checking with Ammu’s lessons on a daily basis. I knew that she was finding it difficult to cope with the Hindi barakhadi. I reasoned that since we dont communicate with her in Hindi, its a bit tough.. but that she’ll catch up in a while. It was one of Ammu’s classmate’s mom who, while waiting for our turn to talk to the teacher during one PTM, voiced her concern to me regarding the syllabus and the manner in which things are being rushed.Ā  Only then it dawned on me that there really was an issue and that I needed to do something about it.

I don’t remember my parents ever helping with homework and stuff. And had thought that it would be the same with Ammu n Adi… She did well in her Kindergarten without my help or intervention. And I had believed that it will continue in the same way!!

I began helping Ammu with her Hindi. She resented it.. did not like the fact that she needed to practice. Nothing I said could convince her that she could learn Hindi! She even started saying that it would have been better if I had chosen Kannada for her instead of Hindi. Somehow, she felt convinced that Kannada is easier. I realized that it would be quite an uphill task for me to reverse this!

Whenever possible, I helped her with understanding and practicing of the barakhadis and matras. This year, I started reading the lessons with her.. sometimes at bedtime. She would look to me for prompts for words that she could’nt say immediately… but I would ask her to think through… to add the consonant and the matra to form the word.. which she would do after a few wrong attempts. She would be thrilled whenever she read a whole sentence or paragraph on her own. I asked dad to help her with lessons sometimes. BIL and sisters too chipped in whenever they were with us and Ammu needed to do her Hindi lesson šŸ™‚ All through, I had been telling her that it would be difficult as long as she didnt practice. But with practice, it would definitely be easy!

For the test, in the previous quarter, she was determined to score full marks in Hindi. And she practiced writing to some extent. The result has been good, much better than the previous ones..though she didnt score the full marks. And she’s much more confident now. And I felt glad that I had egged her on when she had all but given up on learning Hindi.

The above conversation happened last night when I came back from work. I was especially thrilled to hear the last sentence. It was an affirmation to me that what I/we convey to her does get ingrained and am delighted that she’s conciously aware of it!!

Muahs to you baby! I feel so inspired šŸ™‚

P.S: US is her close friend since LKG šŸ™‚