Tiny Tidbits

Ammu has her study holidays going on and is generally around in the morning when I’m getting ready to go to work. Here’s a conversation from a couple of days ago, when I was draping the saree and looking for a pin

Me: my mom never wore pins.. she used to wear similar cotton sarees always but no pins, except when I’d make her wear it (the pallu)

Ammu: Then why dont you try that?

Me: I wear only once a week and she was used to wearing it everyday…and I only use one or two at the max..its okay

After a longish pause, the conversation went on a completely different tangent

Ammu: Was granma alive when you 3 (sisters) got married.

Me: No

Ammu: Ok yeah.. I would have also met her if she were alive then!

After another pause (sensing my silence)-

Ammu: Do you love your mumma more or do you love me more?

Me (Still focussing on getting ready, but giving her an amused look)

Ammu: So actually I’m asking – do you love the person from whom you came more or do you love the person who came from you more?

Me (Still amused.. smiling )

Ammu (also amused at her own question and thinking): I think I’ll always love my mumma more.. even when I have a kid..

Ammu (after another pause, smiling mischieviously): But that would definitely change during the times you fight with me πŸ˜› πŸ˜€


P.S: We ‘fight’ quite a lot ..silly mom-daughter ones, when we try to hold on to a cold war kind of situation for a few minutes, a bit longer at times. Family members find it really funny and amusing πŸ˜€





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