Love of stories!


One of the blessings in life is to watch your kids get all excited at the sight of books in a book fair or in quaint little bookstores! Aint it every book lover’s dream come true 🙂

On the flip side, getting them to read something that you want them to is not an easy task 😀 At least, not when they enter pre-teen and teen years… that has been my experience so far.

Since the last couple of months, Ammu kept asking me to get her some new books, as she’d read and re-read almost all of her books. But I resisted since it was exam time. Also, I hoped she would pick something from my shelf.. hoping that lack of other books might lead her to do just that!! 😉

She wanted to pick up a mystery novel and somehow, I worried that it might interfere with her studying schedule. So, I suggested she read the ‘Here, there and Everywhere’ by Sudha Murthy. This was a birthday gift to me and is currently on my bedside table. I reasoned that it had short simple stories , which could be read one by one during breaks. She outright refused 😐 Uninteresting cover and no illustrations or pics within, she said! acknowledging in the same breath that we should not judge a book by its cover 😀

I continued coaxing her from time to time but she would not budge..sigh!

One night however, the most joyous thing happened. I picked up the book at bedtime and she grabbed it from me saying she’ll take a look! I encouraged her to pick any story and she picked a title that looked interesting. She read the story within 10 minutes and absolutely loved it. The simple narration and life like incidents totally captured her imagination! When I told her that its not just a story but real life incident from the author’s life she was awed!! So.. Sudha Murthy taught her grandma to read! she exclaimed. Imagine my joy at that moment.. lil moments of life that make it all worthwhile.. isnt it..


She also declared that she would carry it with her to school so that she can read it on her way back home 😐 🙂


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  1. Aw I absolutely see your delight. Mine refuse to like anything that I like or recommend. Enid Blyton’s out and so is Harry Potter! They do read Sudha Murthy however I don’t much like her stories. We’re mutually exclusive it would seem.

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    1. Glad to see your comment OM! Yeah.. seems mutually exclusive .. some of the books that I adore, she doesnt think they’re any good 😀


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