When disappointment turns into delight!…

This is a throwback post on our family trip to Coorg during this time last year… reminiscing the days by revisiting this post from my drafts and the pictures taken during the trip… read on…

This summer, we had an early vacation , by the end of March itself. The destination was Coorg, a good enough distance for a road trip but not so much that the commute would seem tedious. Chose a relatively small homestay near Somwarpet, in an attempt to steer clear of the usual touristy choices of Madikeri, Bylakuppe (Buddhist settlement), etc, which we’d visited earlier anyway.

20180329120808_IMG_2492 (1)
En route.. in a protected forest reserve area..

We reached the home stay in the afternoon and must say that our initial reaction was one of disappointment. The home stay was a really simple one, with just 2 cottages or so and a small open area where kids could play. Having stayed at more stylised and bigger home stays in the past, this turned out to be ‘non exciting’ if there’s such a word. Also, it was hot and slightly humid. We agreed that we could cut short the stay if we absolutely didnt like it there..

Reaching at lunch time meant the first activity was to eat 😀 The lunch was delightful ; it included a chicken gravy, the taste of which reminded us of granma’s chicken curry.  Thankfully,  the availability of some sports related items – badminton rackets, hand ring and cricket bat/ball was another saving grace! All this, topped by the presence of pet dogs and a couple of buffalo calves, which kind of intrigued the kids, made it almost perfect!

Post lunch, it was quite hot and humid and we decided to have a little nap. We woke up to a nice cool breeze. It was a perfect time for some badminton/cricket! I decided to be a spectator and took my place on one of the logs placed around… took in the sights and sounds… clicked some pics…and generally relaxed with tea and snacks served by the host.

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The place was quite isolated, with not much human habitation nearby. There was greenery all around, with roads that seemed to go nowhere. It was all so very quiet except for the occasional vehicles plying to nearby places. The best part was that we were completely offline. No network whatsoever, not even for making calls. How awesome is that!! Everyone was happy about that, sis and nephew more so as they felt it would be good for BIL who had been constantly on calls the past few days.

The next couple of mornings were spent in exploring nearby places – waterfalls and a temple. Evenings, we indulged in some sports , went for walks on the totally isolated roads within what looked like forest area, explored a bit and clicked lots of pictures (of course!) Late evenings were for carrom, cards and general chit chat…great family time!

It was a total detoxification of sorts… cyber detoxification is what BIL described it as… but the break really helped detoxify the mind and the body as well. We loved it there and stayed put for the full 4 days as initially planned!

Here are some of the pics…from our evening walks…

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Pics from our trip to a waterfall… a somewhat private one that is known to locals only… and soon to be a part of a private resort that was coming up around the waterfall (how fair it is to do that is a topic for a separate conversation!)

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Pics from our visit to one more waterfall (which we didnt muster the strenght to climb down to in the sweltering heat… and ended up taking in the views from the top) and a nearby temple… which is supposedly an ancient one!

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This year… no vacation plans yet as Ammu will be having only a short break of around 15 days due to her 10th grade classes! Yep..10th grade!! Will try and pen down a post if we manage to take a short break..

Hope you all have a great summer vacation and some awesome trips packed in!!


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  1. This seems such an idyllic place. I’m glad you guys didn’t turn round and leave. Loved the picture of kids on the road :-). A detox like this is really refreshing these days when we’re all glued to technology.


    1. Wow.. feels so good to see your comment OM!! Thank you 🙂
      We were so glad we didnt leave!! And, yes yearning for another trip like that one.. but that needs to wait.. for now enjoying the throwback pics 🙂


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