Tiny Tidbits

Ammu dislikes Winter season to the core..

She hates having to give up the cozy warmth of the bed and the quilts and get up to go to school. Its quite a struggle for me to wake her up these days! I need to summon all my strength and resolve to keep my calm! What a battle first thing in the morning.. Anyway.. I’ve digressed..

She hates being reminded to keep herself warm..

She hates being told not to have curd or any citrus fruits at night.. these make her more prone to cold and cough 😦

She hates having to wear the sweater and the scarf.. esp since the temperature goes up later and she will have to carry the extra luggage back.

Last evening, out of the blue she asks me ‘ Mamma, why cant we do Aestivation?’

Me: ‘Huh? Aestivation?’ and I’m reminded vaguely of something I’ve learnt in school..

Ammu: ‘The animals.. some of them like Camels.. they just sleep during Summer. So why cant we just sleep during Winter? Why do we have to get up early and go to school?’ 😀

Then, I reminded her that sleeping during Winter is called Hibernation. To that she says ‘Yeah..we should hibernate!!


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