C is for Creativity!

And children!! πŸ™‚

Children and creativity go hand in hand.. is it not πŸ™‚ Most of them are creative in one way or the other!!

Here are pics of the cards… notes actually πŸ™‚ , that Ammu hurriedly made on the eve of Teacher’s Day..

Pics were taken hurriedly too.. πŸ™‚ I am glad I managed to click them!


Chocolates stuck to the notes!! Notice the 2 big ones.. one for her class teacher and the other for Sis1 (her aunt). Also, hearts and a different signature for her chitti (aunt) !!


This one’s for the science teacher!


Social studies! Look at the last line!! Only kids can say such things πŸ™‚


She’s generally wary of Maths.. but loves Geometry!! Luckily that was being taught at that time.. I wonder what her note would have said otherwise πŸ™‚


This one’s for chitti (aunt) πŸ™‚


This one is for her class teacher. I’m sure she started with making this one.. so neat and colourful!!

Glad that I’m finally posting this here πŸ™‚ Β Linking this one to ABC Wednesday!!

ABC14yin (1)


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  1. Love love the cards. “Thank you for beinbecoming a teacher so I can give you a Teacher’s Day card…” Lol.. just too cute.


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