Well, I’ve been inspired by the event Bangalore Tree Festival to finally post the pictures of trees that I had clicked last summer!

Trees and plants, in general, excite me. Somehow, I intuitively tend to notice them … the changes at the turn of the seasons. Trees that sprout new leaves, flowers outside of the normal season and stuff like that 🙂 But I have to say that its the flowering plants and trees catch my attention the most. Of course, the flowers are meant to attract..  is it not 🙂

So.. here goes.. pics of a few of the trees in bloom, which make for the prettiest sights in Bangalore!!

Caesalpinia pulcherrima .. in our apartment garden


Jacaranda .. right outside our apartment..


Cassia fistula ! at the corner from my home.. This one took me quite by surprise. A very delightful one 🙂 Happened to see these yellow beauties in the midst of some bushes growing wildly. This tree was just about 4 – 5 feet and went unnoticed for a long time, that is until the flowers made their spectacular appearance!!

Few days later, just close to where I saw these, a construction activity started and I worried that they might clear off all the plants in the surroundings. Not sure if they’ve removed this one… waiting to spot these blooms again this Summer 🙂



Bougainvilleas.. in all their gorgeousness! How beautiful they looked one evening when I reached back home.. 🙂


Tabebuia rosea – the pic was taken in our office campus on a bright sunny afternoon. The colour in this pic is not as awesome as that of the original flowers. Nevertheless.. I look out for these every winter . They cheer me up on cold windy days.. and I’m glad I took this pic 🙂


And last but not the least… Delonix regia , the fiery Gulmohurs!! Couldnt resist clicking so many 🙂

A feast to my eyes .. on my way from home to the bus stop.





Hope you liked them all 🙂
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