Mish mash :)

I thought and thought.. and nothing came to mind πŸ˜€ Β So I just started writing…

Well.. the new year is not so new anymore and this is my first post for 2014! The year started with a road trip to Madurai. All of us went for a get-together of all the first cousins, to pay our respects to granma. Not sure why, but I had felt compelled to go as soon as the request was made. And, I’m glad that we made it.. all 3 of us, the BILs and the kids as well.

The trip is memorable for many reasons and it’ll stay close to our hearts for a long long time to come! It made us wonder.. it made us curious as to what life is all about and most of all it made us realize that life sure does have its surprises waiting for us!! Just when we think we’re ready and steady, it throws us off guard and prods us to find balance anew! This is what 2014 started with for us.. and we hope its all for the good !!


More and more I am made to believe in the power of our choices. Of being given when one is completely open to receiving! In Dec last, I was overwhelmingly concerned about my inability to drive independently on Bangalore roads. I had realized and acknowledged in my previous post that things didnt fall into place due to my own fears holding me back. And then, after a few days, as if by magic it so happened that sis1 called me to say that the driving instructor who had earlier refused due to time constraints is now available!!

Am very very glad to report that I have been driving to and from office since a week now. I am feeling confident that under this person’s guidance I’ll be able to finally do it!! Yayy!! That’s another great start to this year.. πŸ™‚


Coming to the not-so-great stuff. Of late, we’ve been very concerned about the kids’ behaviour and attitude. I know, I’ve rarely, if ever mentioned anything negative about the kids.. coz I’ve always believed that they are inherently good and its just the phase they are in that makes them behave so. However, these days there seems to be a sense of entitlement and an expectation of everything happening according to their likes and dislikes. They quarrel a lot, for every little thing. And, speak self righteously. They do not hesitate to speak back, and most times rudely at that!! Which is one of the main things that I’m concerned about.

All this is making me doubt our abilities to mould them in the right way. It makes me wonder where I am going wrong, or what is it that we as a family are not doing right. We know that they are both very sweet and caring, otherwise, which is why it is hard to stay angry or upset with them. Or to even take a tough stance! I’m praying.. hoping there’ll be a miracle and that the universe will show us a way!! I hope.. that this too is a phase and pray with all my heart that it will be a very short one.


We’ve not had any crafting sessions for quite some time now. There is no time nor the inclination these days. I hope that will change soon and we go back to creating and enjoying our fun crafting times!! Btw.. I opened the site stats to find a whooping 74 hits today!! Yeah.. I get some 15-20 normally πŸ™‚ And guess what, most of them were referred from or clicks to the posts related to crafts!! One more awesome reason why I should start our crafting sessions again πŸ™‚


I’ve completed 5 awesome years of blogging this January!! I’m glad that I’ve come this far without giving up. However, as you can see, the kids stories are more or less vanishing and its mostly about me now. Dunno if that is good or bad.. waiting to see how it shapes up this year πŸ™‚

Before I end, would like to mention this awesome thing that’s happening in Bangalore on the 8th and 9th of Feb. The Bangalore Tree Festival!! I’m sure its a treat for all the tree enthusiasts out there! Do check out their website and do not miss the blog section that has awe-inspiring tree stories πŸ™‚

Hope that the new year is treating you all wonderfully!! Tata πŸ™‚

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  1. Hey happy new year. What a newsy post. Glad you could get together with family.. it makes for very special memories. Congratulations on the driving. It’s so much on my wishlist too.. has been there for ages. I really need to get inspired by you guys. The kids hmm.. you’re right about it being a phase. Just keep reiterating the right and the wrong and hope it’s getting registered somewhere in their busy brains. That’s what I like to think!! Oh I know how it can depress you sometimes. Actually that’s exactly what I think somedays ‘What am I not doing right?’ But things do fall into place over time. It’s good that the blog has a bit more of you than the kids.. shows that they’re growing up and that we’re weaning ourselves off them. And I’m sure you’ve rarely had a comment this long so will sign off. Keep posting.


    1. Wow!! Your comment made my day OM πŸ™‚
      With you all the way.. esp w r t the kids! Thank you.
      Hope you get started with the driving too!! All the best πŸ™‚


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