Inspired to blog! #SundaySnippet

It was an usual Sunday… until Adi discovered that I had a blog of my own!! 🙂

I wanted to show him the pics that I had posted yesterday… and thats how he ‘discovered’ my blog. He was amazed to know that I had a blog and he thought that it was a pretty cool thing! Even impressed that I had written so many posts and a lot many about him and his didi 🙂

On and off, throughout the afternoon and evening, he kept asking me to show him stuff on the blog and wanted to know how I go about doing this whole blogging stuff. Like with most new things this excited him very much and he said he wanted to have a blog of his own too. He was even ready to write an essay to show me that he could write 🙂 I assumed the curiousity and excitement would wear off as the day went by. I was wrong though !!

Once he was back from his football session in the evening, the first thing he did was bring the laptop to me to figure out how to start a blog. I showed him how to go about it and then we finally did create a blog address for him. He was super excited and wanted to post right away, though he was not sure what he will write or post about 🙂 I then showed him a few blogs and gave him an idea about the different kinds of blogs…like book blogs, food blogs, photography blogs… so on.

After some thought he said he’ll invite me to review his drafts and only post stuff once I approve. And a little while later declared that he’ll write about books and music. I’m glad for him and I do hope that he’ll write in earnest and keep at it in some form or the other.

Happy blogging!

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