Some ‘moments’..

Talking of clicks.. I have wondered many times about the pictures.. so many of them… why did i click, do i need them at all.. should i just delete the ones that are not so good.. maybe I should do that.. and so on. Thing is I haven’t deleted any so far.. not even the ones that feel repetitive!

Recently, I transferred all the pics on my phone to my laptop and was wondering why I had clicked so many pics… so many of them just random ones. Looking at each one I felt happy too as I could recollect the moment.. what I’d been doing and why i ‘clicked’ πŸ™‚Β That’s when I came across Natasha’s post and it felt like magic!! I can so relate to what she says here.. though I have not thought in those exact terms. Anyway, I do believe my pictures tell a story.. they tell me a story about myself! And they also tell the others a story about me .. a small mini story of sorts maybe πŸ™‚

Posting some random clicks again.. πŸ™‚

While waiting for sis one evening at her apartment..
Adi.. at our uncle’s home in Mysore..
Again.. waiting at the corner one afternoon.. for sis 2 to join me for the dance class
Another view.. Clouds..
View from the village home that we spent the night in.. on the eve of a dear friend’s wedding last month..
The hibiscus flower that caught my eye while returning home one evening..
The grey clouds before a downpour.. captured from our office window one afternoon..
Ammu trying to ‘dry’ her mehendi in the balcony.. On first day of Diwali ..

Poinsettia [Euphorbia pulcherrima] in a uruli.. at the kids school..
Pudina [mint] and green chilly plants in our balcony ..
Do they say something to you πŸ˜‰ Β Tell me please!!


6 thoughts on “Some ‘moments’..

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  1. They talk about your love for nature and your dear little kids πŸ™‚ Whenever you get time, you observe at the beautiful things that surround us like the flowers, trees, sky, clouds, etc.


    1. Thanks Swaru πŸ™‚ Ammu loves mehendi and thats the first thing on her mind when holidays begin!
      She’d have mehendi on her hands all through the year if there werent any restrictions πŸ˜›


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