Book picnic :)

Took the kids to a book reading event at Hippocampus in Koramangala. They called it the book picnic 🙂 Sounds fun.. isnt it!

The book is ‘Have you seen this?’ by Arthi [ArtNavy]. I had intended to make it to the do at Easy library but… we missed it despite being nearby to that place. So, third time lucky we were.. fortunately 🙂

The kids were excited. They kept asking me what they would be doing at the book reading. I sincerely had a very vague idea.. as this was a first for me too. So, we.. me, Ammu and Adi landed at sis2’s place early Saturday morning.. early for a Saturday that is 😉 and then the foursome reached the venue in time.

There were fewer kids this time around. The book reading took place in the backyard that was charming and had a quaint quality about it.

The book does not have a story as such. Story in a traditional sense.. that is. It is filled with unusual tales.. of a book that reads!.. of a crow that cooks!! It makes one think of things in a way that is different from the usual.. far removed from what is portrayed as the reality. Its a great way to introduce kids to think creatively and originally 🙂


Arthi read the book in a very interesting manner. She not only kept the kids hooked but also managed to amuse us. The parents were all smiling and enjoying as well 🙂 She then handed different toys to the kids and asked them to come up with something unusual about it.

A croc! what could be funny or unusual about this one !!

Post that, Arthi and the kids enacted some of the lines.. and the parents found out and read the relevant line from the book 🙂 For this, we read the lines in Indian languages..

Then, it was colouring time!!

Colouring time!!
Thoughts.. on the board 🙂
Fun time 🙂
The hippo! or is it a piggy 🙂
See the frogs on either side?

Not satisfied yet , they asked to see books! What more could we want. They picked up and explored books for almost 30- 45 min 🙂

Comfy! in a bean bag.. What bliss 🙂
Exploring books 🙂

Finally, we left.. the kids quite reluctantly though.. We were more concerned about reaching home by lunch time.. 🙂
All in all, time well spent.. which even sis2 agreed to 🙂 She was a reluctant and skeptical participant initially 😀

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