First, a digression. LOL!

Last night I’d been thinking of something and thought that I should post it. But this morning when I woke up, I recollected only this much. The ‘I have to post it’.. part. The actual topic has completely gone missing πŸ˜€ I hope it’ll come back to me sometime!

End of digression πŸ™‚


Every year, we all assemble at our place toΒ perform our mother’s punyatithi pooja.

Adi *while getting ready*: ‘Mamma, why are we going to didi’s house?’

Sis1: ‘To do pooja for Avva’

Adi *excitedly*: ‘Oh! Did God send her back?’

Sis1: ‘No.’

Adi: ‘Then why should we go, if she has not come back?’


A day or two before Ganesha habba..

Ammu: ‘Mamma, when is Ganesha habba? I cannot wait to wear my new dress.’

Adi *doing his own thing but responding to her at the same time*: ‘You HAVE to wait didi!’ … ‘for everything.’

Sis1 Β gestured to me saying that she cannot take his ‘heavy’ dialogues anymore πŸ˜€