Musings on the garden…

Picture these –

  • Beautiful plants in lovely pots and planters, with accessories to boot.
  • Plants, carefully pruned to show them off in the best manner.
  • Flowering plants and other ornamentals chosen carefully to enhance the overall beauty of the garden.

I’m sure most of us plant lovers would have seen such prettiness, either real spaces or in pictures on social media. Or may even be owners of such beautiful creations!

I’m in awe of folks who create and maintain such gardens, indoor spaces. And, I’d always wondered why I am unable to achieve that, even though I love having plants and do have a balcony garden in the little space that I can afford.

My garden seems kind of chaotic. Partly because of the fact that we have limited space and hence a limited number of planters. But many kinds of plants growing in each of them.

One reason for that is our cook, who is my main partner in our gardening efforts believes in trying and raising plants rather than in beautification 😐 I just have to think out loud and she’ll get down to the business of planting!

For example, I speak of growing coriander or methi and before I know it she would have spread the seeds all over in the planters. To her, it only matters that the plants germinate and grow well. Not that they all grow pretty in one planter or such πŸ™‚

And then there are times when she goes in search of plants like bougainvillea or jasmine or hibiscus, get cuttings and tries her hand at growing those. Its a shared love and I’m truly glad of that!

At other times, its just random plants making an appearance! Possible that some remnants of seeds that are not decomposed germinate after a period of dormancy?!!

Basically, at any given time, there’s an assortment of plants growing in our planters. And, due to the fact that one or the other is lush and in season, we refrain from disturbing it. The story goes on…

The rain lilies in happy communion with tulsi..
A random pomegranate plant that has sprouted in one of the pots…
Thai basil thriving alongside the rain lilies…
A wheat plant! completely random appearance…

Recently, I was wondering the what and when and how of streamlining the garden, given that it now also houses various plants that have sprung up out of their own volition. A grean leafy one here which our househelp claims is edible and goes on to use it , a pomegranate there…so on…

And then it struck me! The garden is a reflection of the person I am, and the folks around me are. Happy-go-lucky types, getting on mostly by jugaad rather than by any grand plan. We are not the strictly ‘to-do list’ types. We are the ‘go with the flow’ and ‘take it in your stride’ types. So is our garden. The high level plan is to have a garden… some flowers, some plants/herbs for food. A little bit of beauty that we can call our own. And, that’s exactly what our garden is!

There’s a kind of method in the madness, so to say. Some kind of order in the seemingly chaotic garden. And, I am making my peace with it. One day at a time. It also seems to make sense from a plant health point of view. Co-existence increases the staying power I believe.

Here’s to our somewhat wild garden! πŸ™‚

Chilly saplings and coriander…

From top left – Thai basil, Chillies, Tulsi, the leaves that were picked to go into the sambar, probably a variety of Amaranth..IMG_20200529_103509-001


Hope you all liked a peek into the ‘wild’ side of our balcony garden.

Until next time…

Stay safe and take care. Cheers!


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  1. I loved your analogy and the thoughts your garden brought out.. There’s beauty in both types of gardens/people. The order can be soothing as also the freedom of chaos. I love how green and vigorous your plants are.

    Liked by 1 person

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