Friday Cheer!

Its Friday! Ammu’s been excited since a couple of days … its Christmas celebrations at her school today!!

She had volunteered to make a Christmas chart. We made one last weekend and it is now displayed on their class notice board. I hadn’t attempted any art/craft with her for quite some time now… So she was all excited about the suggestions I gave and she loved the end result. She double happy 🙂


ETA: I had missed taking a pic of the chart when it was made.. went to her school and took a pic 🙂 The tree is cut out of green hand made paper.. decorations made of bindis, shiny stars and other star and heart shapes of felt. Santa copied from the internet.. Simple and quick one!

She was also excited about wearing a colour dress to school today. She said she’s been awake since 5 in the morning! These kids I say!! 🙂 Another reason for the excitement was that she had decided to wear her birthday dress.. which she had not been able to wear to school since her birthday was on a Saturday. And, one of her best friends also has the same dress and both have decided to wear ‘matching matching’. I was thinking how we adults cringe if we wear ‘matching matching’ .. 😛

Of course, Adi was also excited coz he’ll be wearing a ‘full’ pant! He’s passionately obsessive about ‘full’ pants 🙂

Ammu has asked me to come to her school to see all the decorations. There will be an air of excitement all around. And, Christmas vacations begin on Monday 🙂 which makes for double excitement for the kids!!

Spreading some cheer with this pic of the Geraniums that bloomed some time ago in our small balcony garden.. all pinnkk and pretty .. arent they 🙂


Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend folks 🙂


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