Of dreams and wishes fulfilled!

I am not one for resolutions and such.. the bullet list that is.. However, 2012 was different… maybe inspired by some of the blogs that I’d read. I decided to adopt a theme… and it was ‘being a more mindful person’ which was in keeping with my journey of ‘growth’.

Not very sure how mindfulness and my dreams, wishes are connected.. but I’m sure they are!! I guess.. being mindful made me aware of what I’ve wanted šŸ™‚ I hope it makes sense.. coz believe it or not, these are not the lines that I’d intended to write… but I’m going with the flow.. and will keep them here šŸ™‚

So, here I go…

* My biggest desire, the one to learn Bharatnatyam, has come true! We even performed on stage. Come to think of it, 2012 has been the ‘dance’ year for me. And indeed for sis2 also. In addition to our dance classes, I volunteered to participate in a dance performance as part of the Onam celebrations at office. It was a nice experience and I made a few friends in the process. Sis2 participated in a dance performance as part of Diwali celebrations in her office šŸ™‚

* Through out the year, I’d been telling that I want to go and see granma. In fact, I was not able to make it even after having planned a couple of times. Ammu had fallen sick on both the occasions. So, imagine my delight when BIL2 called up and said we could make the trip, if I could avail my leaves during this holiday season!! And, we made it!!

* I also had this great desire to take the kids to the beach. I could visualize them all excited and happy at the beach. Goa.. or even Pondicherry would do! Guess what, while returning from granma’s place, we decided, just on a whim, to extend our vacation and go to Pondicherry!! Amazing.. aint it? Only that it was raining, and not sunny as I had imagined. We had fun nevertheless!! Ammu got to know what ‘rocky’ and ‘sandy’ beach actually mean šŸ™‚

* I’d been considering buying a car but was dilly dallying for a while. Me and BIL1 had gone to check out a few, during Diwali. But I remained undecided. Come Christmas weekend, and the process was set rolling right in earnest.. and we’ve booked my first car!! It feels surreal to me even now… I’m gearing up to shed my fears so that I can actually make good use of the car. The traffic scene in B’lore is quite scary but I’m not giving up! Wish me luck guys šŸ™‚

* Last, but not the least, I’ve formed deeper and more meaningful connection with my friends, the ones that I’d made outside of my team and my office. I’m amazed.. at myself.. for reaching out and doing this. For the connect that I feel in lil ways. For the feeling that makes me believe that we were meant to be together on this stretch of our journeys! Me, the shy, reserved one.. who kept to herself and didnt think much about making friends… I realize I’ve come a long way from that.. and I hope to make may more real and beautiful connections as I go along šŸ™‚

It has been really unbelievable that most everything has happened in the last 10 days of this year!! Magical.. surreal.. amazing.. call what you will, but surely it has made me believe in the power of my dreams. Grateful.

And, none of this would have been possible if not for the love and complete support of my dear ones!! Totally, eternally grateful to have them in my life!! You guys rock!!!

Looking ahead to a wonderful new year. Wish you all also a great 2013, one in which all your dreams and aspirations come true in a magical way!!!


8 thoughts on “Of dreams and wishes fulfilled!

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  1. Awww lovely!:) Congrats on the car and good luck too. Which beauty is gonna come home?
    And that explains why I did not get a call on Friday too šŸ™‚ Hugs and have a great 2013!


    1. Thank you! Wish you also a wonderful 2013!!
      Hyundai Eon has been the unanimous choice šŸ™‚
      Yep. I did call you today though.. maybe you missed the missed call šŸ™‚


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