I indulge myself from time to time by gifting myself some of the lovely flowers available at the florists. The weather here is favorable and most of the flowers stay for at least a week or so. Carnations are one of our favorites and they come in an amazing variety of colours! here are a few recent... Continue Reading →

Art love!

We are a family of art lovers! 🙂 Not serious art aficionados in a strict sense but we love to create/dabble in art. A large part of my childhood vacations were occupied with drawing, painting. I would then randomly showcase my creations on the walls. Mom was always very encouraging and never stopped me from putting... Continue Reading →


Keeping it simple for the last letter for this round. And quite apt too.. Zinnias from our little balcony garden. Gifts for us this Christmas and New Year! 🙂 Linking this to the letter Z at ABC Wednesdays.

O is for Orange

..the colour Orange 🙂 Keeping it simple .. posting a few pictures that I'd taken at the flower show at Lalbagh earlier this year.. Linking this to the letter O at ABC Wednesdays!

Heritage Hampi – Day 2

Read the first part here ... Day 2 - Began on a relaxed note. Got ready and spent some time at the dormitory, clicking pics and admiring the surroundings! We started after having our breakfast.Most of us had no more enthu to walk. So, we moved from place to place in our vehicle. The heat felt... Continue Reading →

Heritage Hampi!

Hampi is located in North Karnataka, within the Vijayanagara ruins, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vijayanagar was one of the richest and largest cities in the world during its prime. [ around 1500 AD] It was a long time wish of mine to visit this historic place. I'd read about it in my school history lessons...... Continue Reading →

G is for Green!

No words can describe the exact feeling when I see greenery around. And it feels extra special to see fresh new leaves sprout forth at the start of the spring season!! Needless to say i go click click 🙂 Here are a couple of them clicks! My post for the letter G at ABC Wednesdays .... Continue Reading →

New leaves… colourful flowers!!

My entries for this week's theme "SPRING" (Fresh Leaves, Baby Animals, Warm Weather,...) at Thursday Challenge 🙂 New leaves on the rain trees (Albizia saman).. Bougainvillea and Canna flowers .. Hop over to the site to check out gorgeous pictures from around the world! Cheers!! 🙂

Happy Mother’s day!

... a bit in advance 🙂 And a very happy anniversary to this blog of mine! Glad that it has survived the ups and writing highs and lows that is! Glad that it holds my thoughts and precious moments that I will cherish always.. Agreed that I've not been able to capture each and... Continue Reading →


My entry for this week's theme at Thursday Challenge - Pics taken at the flower show at Lalbagh, during the Republic day week in January 2015. Colourful flowers! Colourful foliage!! Hope you all liked the selection of pics. Do hop over to the site and check out other 'Colourful' captures 🙂

For the love of trees n flowers!

While the Tabebuia and Jacaranda are basking in the limelight right now, here are some of the other beauties that are quietly doing their bit!! These lovely sights were captured during our team outing last Friday. Incidentally, this week's theme at Thursday Challenge happens to be "SUNSHINE" (Sunny, Bright, High-Key, Overexposed,...). Linking this. Hop over to... Continue Reading →

Tirthahalli trip -2

After a restful night, we woke up refreshed and eager to enjoy the day! We depended mostly on the host's suggestions for visiting nearby places, though I did have Kuppali and Sakkarebayalu Elephant camp on my list. We decided to visit Chibbalgudde first as suggested by them. We were told that we could see a lot... Continue Reading →

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