Growing up!

Its 7 years and 400 posts, since I started on this journey of blogging !! Long time indeed. I had not thought that I would keep this going for so long. But thanks to memes such as ABC Wednesdays, I'm able to infuse some amount of life into it from time to time and keep... Continue Reading →

Book love :)

Yes.. here I am again talking about the kids' love for books and for reading! Isnt that wonderful 🙂 Their love for books has grown by leaps and bounds and it makes us brim with joy when we see them in love and content in the company of books! There's a sense of peace, of fulfillment... Continue Reading →

M is for ..Mamma centric!!

Well.. that's the term coined by dad to describe Ammu 🙂 I've always been amazed by the fact that Ammu is so very devoted to me! It also perplexes and frightens me sometimes..the intensity with which she celebrates me, celebrates her time with me!! Especially fascinating when she declares that she wants to be with... Continue Reading →

Life’s pleasant surprises!!

Few years ago, I had written a post about the things that I wanted to do/learn. However, there are a couple of things that I had not listed in there. I was perhaps sure that I would never take it up and hence I'd given them a miss. But wonder of wonders... these also materialized... Continue Reading →

The parenting jig!!

This Mother's day I'm in a rather introspective mood. The thoughts are abuzz since a few days.. and I was wondering if I should write about this at all or not. In the early years of motherhood I've been very short tempered, easily venting out my frustrations. This was due to so many things going on... Continue Reading →

J is for Jasmine..

.. the flower!! I'm sure Ammu would have instantly assumed I'm talking about Jasmine, the Disney princess 🙂 Aaah jasmine... the flowers bring back many many fond memories.. Summer vacations in Madurai The evenings when we would eagerly wait for the flower vendor Granma teaching me the art of tying the flowers using fibre of... Continue Reading →

Mish mash :)

I thought and thought.. and nothing came to mind 😀  So I just started writing... Well.. the new year is not so new anymore and this is my first post for 2014! The year started with a road trip to Madurai. All of us went for a get-together of all the first cousins, to pay... Continue Reading →

Looking back.. looking ahead!

This year was one of tremendous changes .. of being thrown.. or rather, of being flung out of my comfort zones in more ways than one.. The first half was filled with certain anxieties and a feeling of a need for change that was very compelling!! I had made peace with the anxieties and come... Continue Reading →

Just a thought…

Today one of my colleagues, my team mate in the previous project, came to say 'goodbye'. It is his last day in this organization...and as he spoke..telling of his next assignment/role...i could see that he was a bit teary...probably nostalgic, at the end of 2 years of his stay here.It reminded me of another colleague,... Continue Reading →

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