Its amazing what life can teach you if only you take the time to reflect!!

For quite some time now,  I’m into ‘mindfulness’ practice… trying to be in the ‘now’ as much as possible. I have read a lot about being in the present and such. And, I thought that I had it all figured out. I used to be aware of my surroundings. I used to ‘stop and smell the roses’ so to say. I felt and sensed that I was more aware and present than most of the people around me. And I thought that, that is all there is, to it.

Of late, however, I sense that I am being more aware of my self. Of my thoughts, my emotions, my actions, my words.. the spoken words. And I realize that this is the next step in mindfulness.. for me. It spells progress on my path .. that has been aided by my reading. I can feel me evolving. And I feel joyous!!

Mindfulness that is directed inwards helps to reveal a lot about ourselves. And that in turn helps us to act and respond appropriately.. to people, to situations and to our own emotions. Which is so important for leading a satisfying life. I wouldn’t say that it is easy… all rosy and calm. But the effort is worth it… helps immensely through the turbulent times. I’m still learning and trying to put it into practice in a consistent manner. I realize that I cannot have it all figured out at once! It will unravel slowly and I need to be mindful if I want to notice and absorb the lessons..

There are times when I feel overwhelmed. So much, that it takes a lot of effort to not get carried away. I try to analyze by looking inwards… and, I see the things I wouldn’t have noticed if I had just drifted away with my emotions!! I realize and am in the process of accepting that it is OK to NOT know!! To not know all the answers right away.

When the going seems rough, we need to be mindful of the questions we ask of ourselves.In many situations, the ‘Whys’ are the ones that first come to mind. ‘Why me?’, ‘Why is it that I cannot do…’, ‘Why the injustice!’ and so on.. The Whys are almost always troublesome… dangerous even. They may not help you in getting clarity. Instead they confuse you even more and may torment you endlessly.

The ‘Hows’ on the other hand seem to be the helpful ones. ‘How do I feel now?’ for example. Acceptance of the feeling gives a sense of being in control. Most times.. we just want to escape the feeling rather than accept what we are feeling. Especially, the ones like sadness, anxiousness. We distract ourselves with activities, with food, or anything.. something which will put the ‘feeling’ to the back burner. Where it stays and maybe, goes on to become anguish or resentment or something that may come back with full force to drown us! Instead, just accepting and staying with the feeling helps to deal with it better. This approach has been working for me quite effectively.Just accept and feel the feeling!!

The ‘What’ comes next. ‘What is making me feel the way I feel?’. Notice the difference between the ‘what’ and the ‘why’. The difference between where each question leads us to. In most cases, you wont be able to tell why you feel a certain way. But maybe you can point to what it is that is making you feel a certain way. And further analysis may or may not reveal the ‘why’. But trust me.. when you know what exactly you are going through or what triggers a particular reaction from you, it is much more manageable. Again, this gives you a sense of being in control.

The answers may not be revealed with just one question. We need to keep at it. And even if no clear answer comes up, I’m sure a direction becomes perceptible.. towards which we can move. These are some things which seem to be working for me. I do not say that this is the only way to go. For, each person is unique and has his/her own way of self realization. Which also happens only when the person is ready and open to it. Being positive and open to possibilities is the key!

This is the picture at this point in time. I’m sure.. much more will be revealed as I keep practicing. I’m sharing this now, with the hope that it may be of some hope, some inspiration to someone out there!!

Have a great day all of you 🙂