Dasara update - late but never the less 🙂 Had a relaxed vacation in Mysore. Went out in the evenings to watch the illuminated streets and the milling crowds. There was a  festive ambiance all around which is exciting all the same.. year after year! Visited the Durga puja organised by the Bengalis association, the... Continue Reading →

August round up…

August has been quite eventful, especially the latter half... A trip to Mysore during the 2nd weekend...  celebrated Raksha Bandhan and Independence day. While we were there the kids had a good time at the nearby park. Though the play area is not maintained, the kids love playing with whatever still exists 🙂 Then, the... Continue Reading →

D day!

The countdown was almost similar to the last year's 🙂 The day dawned bright n nice 🙂 Ammu woke up as soon as I called out her name!! 20 minutes earlier that usual.. And sprang out of the bed in just a couple of minutes. No drowsiness.. no laziness. She wished good morning to everyone... Continue Reading →

@Home !!

Some of the things that make up home 🙂 For this week's theme 'Home' at Thursday Challenge. All pics of Sis2's home 🙂 where we stayed during Ammu's summer vacation and had the most relaxed n fun times !!

Wet!! wet through n through :)

      For this week's theme 'Wet' at Thursday Challenge! The pics were taken by the person who was our companion cum guide in Ghatikallu. He is a photography enthusiast, esp nature photography is his forte I believe. He was kind enough to capture some very beautiful shots for us 🙂 So while we were... Continue Reading →

Family trip – day 3

Day 3 was marked by the visit to Cauvery Nisargadhama. It is an island surrounded by the river Cauvery. The lush vegetation, mostly bamboos and the cool waters make for an interesting and inviting picnic spot!! As we had to reach Bangalore by evening, we decided to just go straight to the spot where we... Continue Reading →

Trip to Nagarhole!

The trip to Nagarhole was much awaited as it was to be the first family trip! We started by 6.45 AM from Sis2's home. Sis1 and family were to meet us on the way near the NICE corridor connecting Electronic city to the Mysore road. However, they couldnt start coz of Adi... he was adamant... Continue Reading →

A day to remember :)

... an impromptu family outing !! On Sankranti day, it was noon by the time we performed pooja and had our fill of the venn pongal and chakkarai pongal 🙂 The hot noon and the late brunch made us drowsy and I just wanted to plop onto the bed for a nice nap. But that... Continue Reading →

Sports day at school!

Excitement and enthusiasm! Cheerful chatter and laughter 🙂 Anxious teachers, excited students and hopeful parents. The school seemed to have come alive!!... such a contrast to the silence that prevails on other normal days!! The day began with the usual inauguration speeches, lighting of the torch and the performances by the students which included Waka... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!

Time just flies!! One week has already passed... in a jiffy it seems 🙂 Tomorrow is Sports day. Ammu n Adi are excited... We are too. But we need to be in the school by 9 AM, which looks a bit difficult to achieve on a Saturday morning 😀 It will be fun though... especially looking at the smaller... Continue Reading →

Stamp… stamp :)

Yay!... I was finally able to take the pics and upload within the deadline 🙂 Presenting, our entries for the June Artsy Craftsy... the cards that we made using the stamping technique.   The patterns in the first tow cards are made using nails; by painting the heads. The last one is using onion. I was... Continue Reading →

Ditties… n some memories…

Childhood rhymes and ditties are making the rounds as part of the Tulika blogathon 4! And I am reminded of these... Bidi daari bidi bidi daari Ghum antha barthaide corporation laari! My sis 2 used to sing this.. no idea where she learnt this from!! kappegalira kereyolage.... kruk kruk kruk kruk bharrram!! Our PT madam... Continue Reading →

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