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Advancements in technology has made life easier and has enabled us to elevate our quality of life in umpteen ways. An undisputed fact indeed! A single blog post cannot enumerate and do justice to all the ways in which technology had touched our lives. Here, I will attempt to write about just one small bit, a minuscule part of the huge thing called social networking.

Post school and college, we mostly get on with life and lose touch with our friends with whom we spent the most blissful, beautiful part of our lives. And, when we pause after a while, we realize how far apart we’ve grown. But we are ever curious about them, wanting to know what they’ve been up to, where they’ve landed themselves. Curious to know if they too think about us! I’m sure most everyone can relate to this.

We’ve been lucky, in the sense that, with social networking tools like facebook, we’ve been able to connect back with some of our friends even though they are 1000s of miles away, spread out across different cities and continents.

I’ve been happy and grateful to connect back with friends from school and college! and also to stay in touch with those whom I worked in the different organisations during the 10+ years of working life. Its nice to be a part of each others lives albeit virtually!

Not withstanding the many discussions and debates on the topic of real vs virtual friendships, I find virtual friendships useful and fulfilling in a way that is very different from the real ‘in flesh and blood’ friendships.

The one with most impact, however, has been the instant messaging apps especially Whatsapp. Last Dec, I was surprised and almost shocked to see my Whatsapp indicating 500+ unread messages. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was added to a group by my school name! I wondered how they knew my number! But of course!!

It felt so good to connect back with people from my childhood. To see how they connected with each other, so easily, like just taking off from where they’d left. After the initial round of giving out details, they all got along like a house on fire! Pictures were shared and efforts were made to place each one, of course most of us didnt remember everyother one! At 40, each one accepted that we can be our true selves and connect on a honest level, no matter where life has taken each one of us.

Its been a year now, and this group is the only one that is as active and interesting as ever with the few active members not tiring of discussing matters small and big. Cheers to all such friends who share of themselves so easily and willingly. I wish I could say the same about myself too!

I hardly chat, not in big groups at least. Being an introvert kind of person since childhood, I’ve not been able to connect as well as the other active members. I watch from the sidelines and participate briefly at times but it makes me incredibly happy to see the childhood mates bonding so well and, genuinely, without the fear of being judged !!

Cheers to technology !! Cheers to the people who invent and change lives!!!



I met a sweet blog friend for the first time!!!

This was the first post that I had read on her blog and felt an instant connect. I had even commented about the similarities between us . And when she read my version she had the same thing to say 🙂 Needless to say, we became blog pals!!

On reading one of her posts, earlier this year, I wondered if her office was located in the same campus where our office was located. I emailed her and my guess tuned out right! we had been in the same campus for almost 6 months then.. And we decided we should meet some time. But as luck would have it, we planned a couple of times but somehow something else came up and we didn’t meet … 😦

This Monday, I was wondering if she had already started on her leave. Pinged her.. turned out she would work this week out of the office and then from home next week onwards… And just like that, we decided to meet that very day. We met at tea time… and had a most enjoyable time over coffee crape, strawberry milkshake and a sandwich. No awkward pauses, no fidgeting,.. we chatted easily… about us… I think this is the best part of having been blog pals 🙂 We were able to connect instantly.. as on our blogs… And I now know the feeling! yay!!

One hour just went by without us noticing even… We decided to go back to work only when she got a call from her workplace.. so engrossed we were 🙂 Reluctantly I came back but with a smile and a warm feeling… one that envelopes you  when in the company of friends!! The next day she pinged me and told me how she felt about meeting me.. and was I glad or what. It felt amazing.. especially coz I have never been an outgoing type of person. I did surprise myself actually 🙂 And that is another thing about friends… they help you do things that you never think you’ll do…

So.. a big YAY to blog friends… all types… the occasional commentators and the regular ones… you show that you’re here to hear me… you show that you care… you make blogging all the more worthwhile… Three cheers !!!

P.S: The weekend is here… Happy weekend folks 🙂

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