is their cute game when both of them are in good spirits 🙂 Ammu pounces on Adi calling out 'atttack!' Adi responds 'ami please bolbo na... ' [i wont say 'please'] Ammu: 'ami tumake chaadbo na...' [i wont let you go] Adi: 'didi pleasssssssse amake chaad..' [didi pleassssse let me go] Ammu: ' aage haami... Continue Reading →

A picture…

is worth a thousand words... The scene was very heartwarming ... filling us with a rare contentment that only comes from kids and their ways 🙂 Lucky to have clicked at the moment ... thanks to Rishi.. We pray that they will be there for each other ... always!

Endearing moments :-)

For a considerable part of her vacation, Ammu has been able to be with her brother, Adi. And this entailed that we [me and my dad] also stay with her at my sister's place. It was quite a convenient arrangement; the kids had each other for company and I didn't have to bother much about ways to keep her... Continue Reading →

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