Rangoli…n Rays of light!..

This Diwali, it has been raining non stop and I almost decided to write about the Rain! But the thought of rangolis and the rays of light lit me up and lo the U turn !! 🙂 What looked like a dreary and uneventful Diwali due to illness n dull rainy weather turned into a... Continue Reading →

Q is for Quilling

Quilling...The new crafting obsession this year! Ammu was impressed when I'd tried my hands at quilling. So I'd bought some tools for us to try it out during her summer vacations. But she was impatient and went ahead on her own, all thanks to google and youtube 🙂 Here's some of the stuff that she... Continue Reading →

P is for Paris!

Ammu wants to be a modelist! *thats a word she coined*... and loves Paris. Thats one place she wants to visit!! We had casually asked her which place she likes and would want to visit, and she'd answered Paris. Though she was undecided at first, she chose Paris as the place she loves and wants... Continue Reading →

M is for ..Mamma centric!!

Well.. that's the term coined by dad to describe Ammu 🙂 I've always been amazed by the fact that Ammu is so very devoted to me! It also perplexes and frightens me sometimes..the intensity with which she celebrates me, celebrates her time with me!! Especially fascinating when she declares that she wants to be with... Continue Reading →

Fun times

I brought back a stack of paper cups that were left over from our team outing last Friday. We meant to take them back to office on Monday and put them to some use. However, as soon as I showed Adi a pic of what we'd done using paper cups, he insisted he wanted to... Continue Reading →

Book love!

And.. The summer vacations have begun! So heartening to see the kids discuss story books ... love to see that they never forget to carry a couple of books no matter where they are headed!! A case in point... nephew carried a couple of books when I went to pick him up..to take him home... Continue Reading →

Letting go!

Again... from the drafts.. Letting go is damn hard! Perhaps that is the reason why life gives us so many opportunities to learn and adapt to the process of letting go. Each time it is a bitter sweet experience! We want to cling and to let them fly n soar too.. Its a dilemma every... Continue Reading →

There’s so much to write!

So.. here I go again! After a somewhat longish break  🙂 The month of June just zipped past.. - Schools reopened. Getting back into the groove was quite a challenge! Especially with Adi. He wants to play as much as he did during the vacation. And since he has company.. friends younger than him who... Continue Reading →

T is for two!

The awesome twosome of our home that is 🙂 While competition, one up-man-ship, sibling rivalry are more dominant in this current phase, there are priceless moments when the love and care sparkles and melts us down! What joy!! 🙂 This one is for ABC Wednesdays!

The parenting jig!!

This Mother's day I'm in a rather introspective mood. The thoughts are abuzz since a few days.. and I was wondering if I should write about this at all or not. In the early years of motherhood I've been very short tempered, easily venting out my frustrations. This was due to so many things going on... Continue Reading →

Happiness is..

Seeing the beaming faces of the kids when they return from the morning walk! They are tired , exhausted due to the heat and sweat but the excitement shines through!! For the past few years, at the start of the Summer vacations, I would suggest that they wake up as usual and go for the... Continue Reading →

E is for Excitement!!

Energy, Enthusiasm, Euphoria!! Wow 😀 And kids is what comes to mind when I think of all these words in one breath!! Simple, seemingly trivial, things or activities can excite them and they bubble with energy and enthusiasm. They get so engrossed in their favorite activity... taking in all that they can and giving it... Continue Reading →

C is for Creativity!

And children!! 🙂 Children and creativity go hand in hand.. is it not 🙂 Most of them are creative in one way or the other!! Here are pics of the cards... notes actually 🙂 , that Ammu hurriedly made on the eve of Teacher's Day.. Pics were taken hurriedly too.. 🙂 I am glad I... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits

Ammu dislikes Winter season to the core.. She hates having to give up the cozy warmth of the bed and the quilts and get up to go to school. Its quite a struggle for me to wake her up these days! I need to summon all my strength and resolve to keep my calm! What... Continue Reading →

Lil wishes..

Ammu to me.. Earlier: 'Bye mamma.. try to come early..' Today: 'Bye mamma.. try to come early.. and try not to have a call today'. Emphasizes the last bit 😐 Sigh!!

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