Musings on food #LockdownNotes

Mobile phone in hand, I’m looking at and admiring all the food pics shared in my circles. A favorite bhakri/roti with seasonal veggies, mouth watering chaat, freshly baked goodies, home made pizzas, pulao, chutneys/dips, yummy-looking deserts…

Some of the folks were sharing traditional feel good food pics and recipes. Others seemed to be in a more experimental mode trying out new stuff. Cooking things from scratch, at home.

Then, dad turns on the TV for news and, what I’m seeing are queues of people stranded. With no shelter, no food! No food at all!! Anxiety written all over their faces, young children looking tired and sad…

The contrast is striking! It is too much to take in, given the abundance around me, even if it’s only food pictures that I am looking at…



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