Beautiful Peepal #ThursdayTreeLove

The beauty of a peepal leaf is unmatched. Isnt it? More so, the beautiful hues it transforms through, during spring time, is a real treat to the eyes!! No wonder it is an inspiration to artists of all kinds.

Sharing a few pictures that I clicked around 20 days ago! Luckily, I happened to come across the tree at this beautiful stage. It is in a place that I frequent, but it is the new leaves in a pinkinsh hue that caught my eye this time. Feel truly blessed. Especially, in these times of the corona and lockdown.



The peepal tree is considered sacred and has been worshipped by Hindus since time immemorial. It is also known as the Bodhi tree, under which Buddha gained enlightenment and is hence important in Buddism as well. It is of religious significance in Jainism too.

Another significant fact is that the peepal tree is an important part of the community, in the form of what is called a AraLikatte or the Ashwath katte – a snake shrine under a peepul tree. Its a place where people worship, congregate, hold discussions and is thus very much a part of people’s daily lives especially in rural and semi urban settings.




Scientifically speaking, the peepal tree is known as Ficus religiosa and belongs to the family Moraceae. It is known to have loads of medicinal value and is used in traditional medicine for about 50 types of disorders including asthma, diabetes, diarrhea, epilepsy, gastric problems, inflammatory disorders, infectious and sexual disorders. Info courtesy – Wikipedia.



Hope you all are keeping well and staying safe. Cheers!


This is my entry for the #ThursdayTreeLove blog hop hosted atΒ Parul’s blogΒ , on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month. Do join in, and/or hop over for a feast of tree pics πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Peepal #ThursdayTreeLove

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  1. Such hopeful pictures, Priya. Thank you for swinging by my blog. You have a very appealing blog here with enchanting pictures. We would love you to link up with us on #WordlessWednesday.

    Join in if you please:

    Even with this post.

    Our line is open right uphill Monday. So whatever works for you.

    Have a wonderful week ahead and thank you for sharing such enchanting pictures of the Peepal. Love the fascinating pinks.

    Take care and stay safe.

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  2. What lovely leaves. I am very fond of Peepal tree. It takes me back home in Uttar Pradesh. I have seen so many around, preserve leaves and painted on those. So thank you for joining and sharing this. It’s lovely. The pink ones are rare to see. See you back tomorrow, Priya!
    and hey – are you not on twitter? I wasn’t able to share this post on Twitter.
    take care!

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    1. So glad it brought back memories Parul πŸ™‚ Please do share the preserved/painted leaves..i’m sure they look beautiful too!
      I’m on twitter yes.. no idea why you cant share it.. i’ll check and let you know. Thanks Parul πŸ™‚

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  3. Absolutely beautiful! I have posted a Peepal too but my tree had not yet got new leaves when I last visited.. I believe the red colour is Nature’s way of deterring animals from eating the young leaves thereby allowing them to grow.

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