Not good enough? #MondayMusings

A little girl child of about 6-7 years. She happily comes home from school only to find the door locked. She patiently waits for her father to come home, diligently finishes off her homework and studying for the day while waiting for him. She keeps herself occupied in a dignified manner without disturbing anyone else or without losing calm. Once her father comes back, she goes in and takes care of all the household chores. When he falls ill, the lil one (who herself needs to be taken care of) takes care of him and does all the motherly chores, including cooking and feeding him, nursing him back to health.

A seemingly harmless video propagating the idea that a girl child is a boon! That, she is worthy of coming into this world because of all these ‘virtues’! It makes me cringe 😦

This is not a lone instance. I’ve come across numerous such posts/videos on social media that extol the virtues/benefits of having a girl child. Each time it leaves me wondering ‘why’!!? Do we really need such videos to encourage people to have female children? Does a girl child not have the right to be born and live, if she’s not useful? A girl child being just a child, just being her, is that not enough?!!

Also, the pain point doesn’t end there. The content of such videos looks harmless and even positive to an audience that may only be looking for some kind of a distraction or a break. Cloaked in its ‘cuteness’, such content ends up being circulated widely, without people realizing that they are actually propagating the idea of an ‘ideal’ girl all over again!! This might sound preposterous, but as far as I’m aware, human psychology and human subconscious can indeed be manipulated in such subtle ways 😦

I’m trying, but am not finding the right words to convey my thoughts on this. Anything I write feels inadequate  😐 Only hoping and praying that the movement for the emanicipation of the ‘girl’ marches on gloriously despite the hindrances …







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  1. Oh I haven’t seen this one. But even reading about it makes me fume! Even the ones with grown women that show her as super efficient – catering to each individual family members’ whims and fancies annoy the hell out of me.


  2. This seems to be on the same line as one of the campaigns which said something like if you dont have betis, who will make your rotis…make you speechless!
    Have you seen the ‘run like a girl’ video? Will try to look it up. That’s one really worth sharing.

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