Skyscapes 2019

As the year draws to a close, sharing a selection of sunset/sunrise photographs that I’ve clicked this year.

1. Mesmerizing view… from the terrace of our office building

2. Looks like a painting when zoomed in….

3. Sunlight breaking out from the clouds.. view from my kitchen window

4. The evening sky! Pic taken when waiting at the traffic signal. The metro construction in view too.. #TrafficSignalPhotography

5. The setting sun… at the Lion’s park.

6. The lovely view clicked when I was stuck in the traffic on my way home! I’ve been praying that no buildings come up at this point so I get this view always 🙂

7. View on the highway, on our way back from Tirupathy.
Strictly speaking this is a 2018 pic but I could’nt resist including it here 🙂


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    1. Yes.. blessed to have that 🙂 When we moved in 10 years back, our only wish was that no buildings should come up in the vacant space next to us .. we’ve been lucky so far…


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